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My Janitorial Contracting Success Story!
Let me introduce myself! My name is Glen Springfield. My story began in a very unremarkable way.

Like so many before me, I became dissatisfied with working as an employee for others, decided to open a business of my own and Delta Janitorial Systems was born - right here in the DFW area.

That was over 40 years ago. I started with no customers, no business relationships to speak of and I went to work! So yes, I have been right where you are today! Today Delta services customers all over the Greater DFW area!

I can tell you that starting and owning a business can be very exciting and rewarding! But it can also be overwhelming with all the things that need to happen to get a business up and running!

I can also tell you about the fear and anxiety along with the “can I really do this?” feeling! Mistakes are easy to make and can rob you of time and be very costly! 

But let me tell you, I did this and with the right program and tools, so can you!

Fortunately for you, I’ve taken my decades of experience in the janitorial contracting industry and developed a program to help people start their own successful janitorial business. And that’s not all, I’ve also put together a step-by-step business growth system that will  provide a path for steady, stable growth. 

This business growth system will take years off the time it takes to build a successful janitorial business and will save you thousands of dollars. We call it, “The Ultimate Janitorial Success System”.

With “The Ultimate Janitorial Success System” it’s simple to get your business started the right way. So don’t do anything before meeting with us or it could cost you a ton of extra time and wasted money.

What’s next? Simply read over this document to get a better idea of who our Contracting Program is for and how it works. Next we want to meet with you in person so we can learn about you and your goals. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you have at that time.

Let’s get to work and start working on Your Success Story!

Questions & Answers
Our Contracting Program - What Is It?
At Delta we have a unique program that works well for just about anyone looking to get into the janitorial contracting business.

Whether you are brand new to the janitorial business or you already have a business that is struggling to get new accounts, our program can work for you!

How Does It Work?
It’s pretty simple. Once you have completed the sign-up process with Delta our Account Managers will start assigning you your first accounts. As long as your customers are happy and the buildings are properly serviced, Delta will continue to get more accounts for your business. 

In reality the only limit to how big your business can grow with Delta is you and your ability to properly service and manage your accounts.

How Many Accounts Do You Start With?
Generally speaking, we like to get new Contractors started off with a couple of small buildings. It is a good time to make any adjustments in your cleaning program and an easy no pressure way for us to get to know each other!

Is This Part Time or Full Time .... Can I Grow This Into a Real Business?
The answer is yes to all of the above. There is no limit on how big you can grow your business. 

So in reality, it's all up to you! Some of our contractors just want to make extra money to help raise the kids, buy a new home or help pay for the kids' college. 

On the other hand, others want to make this their full-time business. As I mentioned earlier, we start you off with one or two small accounts which will be considered part time. 

Then we keep adding new accounts until you have the option of making this your full-time business. How large your Janitorial Business becomes is entirely up to you!

What Time Can Service Begin on an Account?
This is a common question. Most janitorial accounts are serviced during the evening hours and over the weekend. This means there is a lot of flexibility to schedule around your work and family time! This also makes it easy to transition from a part time to a full-time business.

What Is the Initial Start Up Cost With Delta?
The only money you pay directly to Delta is $500 for life-time access to our CleanFast online video training program plus $45 for a background check. 

There are other costs associated with starting your business but they are not paid to Delta. If you do not already have them, some of the other items that will cost additional money are your equipment, supplies and the cost of setting up your business. 

But we have great ideas on how you can do this in the most cost-effective way. So don’t do anything until you have met with us first!

Are You a Franchise?
No, we are not a franchise.

We are locally owned and operated, and the best part is that there are no royalties or admin fees generally associated with franchise companies deducted from your money. Just a straightforward pay plan that’s easy to follow and easy to understand.

How Much Do I Receive?
Another great question! We pay a percentage of the contract which starts at 42% of the money received from the client for the first 6 months you service the account. 

After 6 months the percentage you receive goes up to 75% in each account and stays there for as long as you service the account. The lower amount for the first six months is to help with the sales and set up costs. It really is that simple!

Who Is Delta?
Delta Janitorial is a locally owned and operated company based in DFW, which is where we have been since we opened over 40 years ago.

Can I Do This?
I’ve been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 40 years. This business has been a “life changer” for me. Now, I get a kick out of helping other people grow their businesses. 

It’s extremely fulfilling to see our Contractors reaching levels of prosperity they could never have achieved working as an employee. Their success also trickles down to impact the lives of their family and staff.

The Contractors that have been super successful with Delta have all developed the qualities of a what we call a “Top Performer”! 

Qualities like the desire to be successful, do what it takes to make customers happy, be dependable, responsible, trustworthy, resourceful, reliable and be a problem solver!

Top Performers stand out from the rest of the pack and their businesses grow like crazy. If your desire is to provide the best possible service, win customers over and start your own business then you could be our next Top Performer!

All Contractors are required to complete the “Clean-Fast” Training program. This is an online, video training program that teaches the “Clean-Fast” Office Cleaning System along with principles of successful business building. Lifetime access to the training portal cost $500.

Once the training has been purchased, Contractors may share access with any of their team. This training is the tool our Contractors use to train their team in the Clean-Fast Office Cleaning System.

Background Checks
Background checks will be processed at the conclusion of the initial interview. The fee is currently $45.00 which can be paid with cash or credit card. Background checks will not be processed until payment is received in full.

Contractor agrees that all owners, managers, officers, employees, personnel and contractors are not allowed entry to any buildings contracted through Delta Janitorial Systems, without an NCIC approved background check and covered by an exemption or workers compensation policy. NCIC = National Criminal Information Center

Your Success Story!
Are you ready for your own Success story? For some, starting a business is a brand-new idea! 

For others it’s something they’ve dreamed about perhaps for a very long time! 

Either way the best time to make a positive change for your future is now!

At Delta our purpose is to help you grow your janitorial contracting business and see you succeed!

The next step is simple. Give us a call to set up a time for a meeting where we will show you how simple it really is to get your janitorial contracting business started and growing, full or part time.

You can either e-mail us at delilah@deltajanitorial.com for available times or call (972) 261-9800. Either way we look forward to getting to know you and answer your questions.

The Delta Team!